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Holly the artist

And finally the day came, the years of experience as a clinical therapist and a visual artist merged into a new approach to healing.

For years, I had the dream to 'one day' create my own set of tarot cards. Tarot is something that I've loved for 30 years. This dream was held stagnant by the daunting task of painting 78 cards to my perfectionistic standards.


When I considered art to be painting and drawing only, my creativity was chained in a cage, hidden away from the world, held hostage by the mean words of my own inner critic.

Then magically one day, an idea fell out of the collective unconscious and into my every day consciousness and I had an epiphany: I could learn graphic design and use the digital arts to create my first deck.




And that is the day that everything changed.


My art career is a completely separate business to my career as a clinician. If you would love to know more about that side of me, you will be redirected to a new website linked below, to eliminate any confusion about which Holly wears the therapist hat, and which Holly holds the paintbrush.

When there is a will, there is a way. The only thing stopping you from reaching for your dreams is sometimes a little bit of imagination and creativity... and a willingness to learn new skills so you too can reach for the moon and the stars.

That is my story but we all have one.


You have a story, too.


What is your heart calling you to create? 

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acrylic paintings &  digital art

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