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Holly the therapist

Ready to give you the support you need to cope with life's


Generalist counselling services are available, or help can be offered in one of the areas I am passionate about below:

- Life transitions

- Divorce & Relationship Issues

- Low Self-Worth

- Complex Family Dynamics

- Toxic Relationships

- Healing Childhood Wounds

- Transcending the Ego

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No matter what you are going through, with the right support you can experience:

- More confidence

- Increased well-being

- More social ease 

- Healthier relationships

- A healthier nervous system

- Greater sense of purpose 

- A healthier mental attitude

- A stable sense of self

Current Offerings and Services

Green Leaves

All counselling sessions are tailored to your unique needs. Through empathetic listening, individualized assessments, and evidenced-based techniques, together we can formulate a treatment plan that will empower you to make positive changes in your life.


In 2023, Holly sold her group practice clinic in the Kootenays and moved to the sunny Okanagan. All sessions are now conducted via telehealth by phone or zoom. At present, no in-person counselling is offered and she does not accept new referrals from the Kootenay Boundary region.

business Mentorship

An entrepreneur at heart, Holly can assist you by offering personalized guidance and mentorship to help you set up and maintain a successful therapeutic business. She has been in private practice for 9 years and within six years, built and sold a thriving group practice that housed a dozen therapists. She has also supervised 4 Master's Students on practicum. 


She also offers support to writers and other creatives birthing their creations into the world.


Do you have an obstacle you don't know how to overcome? Let's collaborate! Problem solving unique solutions to unique problems is one of my gifts.  

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clinical consultation

Holly believes in the power of shared

connection as it facilitates growth and healing. She offers a non-judgmental space to be curious and collaborate with you during clinical consultation.  


She aims to support clinicians in their professional development, ultimately

leading to improved outcomes for their clients and more confidence in one's practice.

Every human alive has "stuff" - it is good

to unpack it now and then.

Sessions Fees & Costs

50 Minute Sessions -
$ 145+GST
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Click the ‘Book

Appointment’ button


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Choose a time and category, then pay

for your appointment


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Make magic happen. All appointments are by pho

*I am currently off work on a medical leave


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Holly's willingness to lend a caring hand, honest support and logical thinking has helped me in every area of my life. The sense of pure and unbiased approach can help and support anyone in their area of need.


Holly was recommended to me after the death of my husband. Her guidance and inspiration helped me to grow into an independent person and showed me the tools that I already had that have made me a survivor. I continue to see Holly periodically….not because of my grief but because I truly believe we all need a little “Holly” in our lives from time to time.

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There are no words to describe my gratitude for Holly and her guidance. Holly’s authentic self lends to her approach; she’s personable and genuinely invested in each client ~ S.H.


I have seen Holly Smee for therapy for years. I have complex ptsd among other things. My issues are stubborn. Holly has remained very persistent and patient over the years. I appreciate her professionalism while maintaining incredible kindness ~ K.J.


qualifications & trainings

I believe strongly in the healing power of knowledge, and as

a result, strive to keep my brain fresh with current research

and best practice, so that you can get the most effective

and efficient service for your investment in health.

Way of the Heart Level 1 - 2023

Way of the Heart Gateway Training - 2023

Rebirth (Lee Harris) - 2023

Spirit Talker (Shawn Leonard) - 2023

EMDR & Polyvagal Theory EMDR - 2022

Secondary Trauma EMDR - 2022

Sex Therapy and EMDR - 2022

The Role of Spirituality in Trauma Wounding EMDR - 2022

Ego States Therapy Interventions (Dissociation) EMDR - 2022

SARK's Soulful Writing Salon - 2021

Rebirth - 2021

Shame, Resistance, and Trauma in Complex PTSD EMDR - 2020

Spirit Talker - 2020 (on-going)

Shadow Work - 2020

Empaths VS. Narcissists - 2020

EMDR Canada Conference - 2019

EMDR for Personality Disorders - 2018

Awakening your LIght Body - 2018

Psychedelic Psychotherapy - 2018

Gabor Mate's Compassionate Enquiry - 2018

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy - 2018

Structural Dissociation and Attachment EMDR - 2018

Equilateral: Equine Assisted EMDR - 2018

EMDR Canada Conference - 2017

Transpersonal Psychology: Mindful Resonance EMDR - 2017

Feel me, See me, Hear me: EMDR Neuroscience - 2017

Reprocessing Years 0-3: When there are no Words - EMDR 2016

Trans Care BC - 2016

EAGALA: Equine Assisted Growth and Learning - 2016

Somatic Experiencing EMDR - 2016

EMDR Level 1 and 2 - 2015

Narrative Therapy - 2015

Critical Incident Stress Management: Individual Debriefing - 2015

Core Addictions Practice - 2015

Trauma Informed Practice - 2014

Indigenous Cultural Competency - 2014

Nutrient Power 2013

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Social Skills Training for Psychosis - 2013

Early Psychosis Intervention - 2013

Eating Disorders Clinical Training - 2012

Applied Suicide Intervention and Skills Training - 2012

Advanced Motivational Interviewing - 2010

Domestic Violence - 2010

Aboriginal Justice - 2010

Effective and Purposeful Interventions - 2010

Risk Needs Assessment PSR - 2010

Motivational Interviewing - 2010

Conflict Resolution and Crisis Intervention - 2009

Discrimination Prevention - 2009

Holly Smee Certified Therapist EMDRIA Badget
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