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Areas of Specialty 

  • Session fee 50 minutes: $145.00 (+ 5% gst = $152.25)

  • Fee schedule is set in Accordance with the BCACC. As a registered therapist (RCC), your session fees may be covered by First Nations Health Authority, Specialized Victim's Services, ICBC, or your extended health benefit plan.

  • I do offer sliding scale and reduced fees for those without benefits, single parents, low income individuals, young adults, and students.

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Spirituality & Altered States of Consciousness

The mind is a fascinating place to work but my biggest passion lies in the power of the heart and the soul, as well as the invisible world of energy and quantum fields. Sessions interwoven with other great spiritual teachings are typically more effective. I hold a keen interest in trance, the higher self, ego states, energy medicine, meditation and mindfulness, esoteric practices, the psy realm, and helping you connect to your own wise guidance system. These teachings are braided into my clinical work, based on my belief that you are your own best healer. The wisdom that you need is already within you; I am most effective when I act as a guide in your journey to discovering your own truth.

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Mentorship & Consultation


The last five years has seen my practice evolve to include life and career mentorship, support in building a private practice, collaboration with entrepreneurs, and practicum supervision for Master's degree students finishing the final chapters of their degree. To date, I have had four students seek practicum at my wellness centre, working under my clinical supervision. My keen interest in growth and resiliency has expanded the foundation of my practice to focus on what is right with you, rather than what is wrong with you. As a result, my focus now includes much more than mental health counselling. My preference is to look at root causes rather than symptom management of a diagnosis. I want to celebrate what is amazing about you, and help you find the strength and motivation to be who you really are.

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​EMDR & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Most individuals have traumatic events happen in life during childhood and/or adulthood. Research shows that our earliest childhood adverse experiences often affect our biological, social, and spiritual health well into our adult years. My personal belief is that trauma is at the root of most human struggles. My therapy of choice in healing trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as I have found it fast, safe, and effective. EMDR will help you explore what wounds you may be carrying from the past and will help you reprocess and heal these memories. I also utilize CBT to explore the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. CBT has been shown by research to be effective in creating a higher state of wellness. Clinical areas of passion include working with self-worth, life purpose, and individuals who are contemplating leaving a long-term relationship or interested in 'awakening' territory.

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